June 2015 Meeting Minutes


A meeting of the Northside A.R.C. was held at Moreau Fire Station 1. The meeting was called to order at 7pm by Jason Wood.

Attendance included: Lloyd and Becky Wood, Dave and Janet Meye, Chuck Drace, Jason and Danielle Wood plus 5 and Dave Stewart.

Approval of Minutes was made by Becky and 2nd by Dave Meye

Treasurer’s Report: $943.79

Approved: Dave Meye and Lloyd Wood 2nd

Old Business: Make sure dues are paid. Field day dinner will be 5pm on Saturday, set up will be Friday at 7pm. We are waiting for a reply from fire dept to make sure room is available for field day. We should know something tomorrow. Equipment will include the 757 and the Jupiter, as well as Jason’s 847, and Dave Stewart will bring his as well. Lloyd is willing to bring in his Icom 706 as go to station. Discussion of wires and beams has lead to the agreement of having both. Signs will be used this year. Jason has brought up that rope is needed, Dave Meye motioned and Dave Stewart 2nd all in agreement to buy new ropes for towers. Dave Stewart will bring in stakes as well. Lloyd and Becky will be donating 500 ft of RG8 to replace coax. Tear down day is set for the 29th at 6:30pm. Menu to include spaghetti if wanted, and Becky will cook a brisket. Tea and soda will be provided, if you want something specific please bring it. Central states has now listed us for the club meetings. Becky will send in the public notice of Field day. Interest was made for Technician Class, possibly held in Chucks church, class and testing. The list for local hams is still being worked on.

New Business: Fall picnic was motioned by Lloyd Wood and 2nd by Dave Meye. Becky to look into availability of park. Dave Stansberry is getting ready to sell all his equipment, and has cancer as well as Mitch Wright. Rick Ragen has ham equipment available would like 2000 for it all. 70 watt 2meter radios are available at L and B if anyone is interested for $175.

Tech Time: none

Nets: June 9th Dave Meye, June 16th Dave Stewart, June 23rd Keven Spence and June 30th Jason Wood

The meeting was adjourned at 7:56pm by Lloyd Wood and 2nd by Dave Stewart.

Next meeting will be July 7th.


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